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me mucking around in prague

Thursday, July 19, 2007


womp wimble whee wizzle woo

whats going on now then lets see..

hmm, i'm running again - its going ok, i was 5th in the scottish u23 champs 100m, i made the final of the seniors but got cramp and had to pull up...booo!

times are still pretty slow though.

hmm what else,

just been working really, all has been fairly boring since the end of may.

may was a good wee month for me actually lots of fun stuff happening;

mandy and spaniards visiting,
prague and london, or was that april?
lotsa daft wee nights out

there was another club noir thing at the start of june, which was much less fun than the previous ones, any potential for shenanigans was stifled, though various circumstances.

yep, just running and work for me til the end of august boooo!!

i've got a few wee things on the go here and there, such as long weekends in lincoln to look forward to ,,,,,

that'll do,

smell ya.


Monday, April 23, 2007

sugar high

evening turnips!

well heres a review of the stuff i said i was doing last time.

*club noir was the first thing.... it was a lot more fun than it should have been. could prove problematic, but i seriously doubt it.

i think i'll need to bring minders to the next one to stop me (or anyone else) being dumb. *sigh*

*next was prague, wooo!!!!!!

twas a fantastic wee weekend but it was also a messy one as was expected.

james, vairie and i arrived on thursday night, met laura "the jesson" at the airport and jumped the bus to meet kate and ben. met a french dood who we recognized from last year on the bus who told us some other peeps from last year would be at the masarykova pub that night. so... we met ben and kate at the wee pub with all the photos of boobs amd proceeded onwards to massy k* where we all got very pissed and chatted to some ;french, austrian, spanish and czech folk who were all very funky.

friday was spent lying around hungover, then we all went to lucerna that night.-absinthe #1 and smazn'y syr #1

saturday was spent lying around hungover then we went to le chateau l'enter rouge and onto roxy. absinthes #2+3

sunday was spent lying around hungover then we all went to the goat for a quiet evening of pivo ;) smazn'y syr #2

monday was just spent lying around in the sun and buying wee presents. got home late monday night,.

slept most of tuesday, then back to work on wednesdayand theeeeeee.e.e.e.enn.


my lovely work had a tenth anniversary party down in london!!so we all flew down on thursday morning and went to this uber swanky do for our company and our clients in the soho hotel....there was a free bar, free funky canape things and a charicaturist going around drawing everyone!!

here's me


and then we went to this funky cuban restaurant that had live music and a dance floor!!! and we could order whatever we wanted, twas fantastic!! indeed heehee

well that'll do for today i'll stick some pictures up for a larf

Monday, April 02, 2007

in work, waitin for a fellytone call at the moment, but here's whats coming up, in the next month or 2

saturday-april7th - club noir secret garden--- will be a good night out regardless but i have a minor moral dillemma brewing about who i bring, meh, not really :s

then i get the monday off work. HUZZAH!

then on the thursday i'm goin to PRAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!, wheeeeee!
all kinds of mayhem will ensue, brilliant. :D

then i return 11pm on the 16th (monday methinks)
have the tuesday of work :D woohoo!

then on thursday (19th) my work is taking us to london for the companys 10th anniversary party! just overnight so 'll be back on the friday night methinks.

then after that i'll have 2 weeks to get fit and ready for my first race since july, which will be the 5th of may.

the scottish 'c

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


yo doods

since the last post thing i have;

-failed my driving test cos i ran a red light ...dumbass

-been learning to make funky flash animations... see here :

(not finished yet)

-had a funky wee jam session with a couple doods i know

-went to lots of funky nights out

-had some seriously good weekends; there's some pics from saturday up the top.
- sat in work for long long periods of time.
-and i just ripped my trousers in work. I FUCKING HATE SMART TROUSERS THEY JUST DONT FIT ME!
- done lotsa running
- squatted 175kg
oop gotta go back to work now

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ell oh

howdy kids

i thought i'd best produce some bloggage for yall.

hmmm lets seeee:

all is going quite well actually at the moment- work seems to alternate between complete soul destroying boredom/unapreciated-ness and actually being pretty good fun. i.e last week sucked this ones going fine.

runing is going well too, i'm keeping up with all the boys on the track and the weights etc are going beastly (80kg cleans for 4 sets of 5 and 130kg squats for 5 of 5. ....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

driving test is on the 19th (12 days away) ...

meh cant be bothered any more]

anyway got a big weekend planned , i'll maybe send a banter e-mail round after that hehe xx


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


yo doods happy new year to anyone who reads this!!

2006 was fairly successful! no major catastrophies- just a small handful of minor mess ups that make me cringe a little.-- but all in over all success!!! - prague- and my job- and drivings going well- running was ok- other stuff ;) hehe

hmm i had resolutions but they have already gone very slightly squiffy but the'll defo start next monday once i'm settled into work and stuff.

yeah well not much else to say really - the 31st of dec was gd partyin with james luke and jr!
umm the wee random band thing seems to be taking off, first "session" should be in the next couple weeks- at the moment ive got a cd of songs to learn- pretty basic stuff to start with though :D and runnings going pretty well too, the gimpy hamstring is recovering :D

haha new possible band name - the fenestration station hehe - nah just kidding


Thursday, December 07, 2006

fllooobby gooobly goo!

hehe hello!!!

all is going groovy in Iain Land these days, cept i pulled my hamstring the other day so running is out the window for a while, which is a shame cos it was going really well,


on saturday te 2nd of dec- i attended a wonderful event called club noir, it ended up just me and my arch nemesis, because everyone else wimped out , but it ended up a lot of fun anyway!
the dress code was really cool, everyone was wearing top hats fedora hats, waistcoats, bow ties, corsets (even some of the guys) - it was essentially a burlesque show, but there was a live band playing and a dj in between- the dj was really good, lots of funky kinda swing choons, and other random stuff hehe! wow it was just kind of awesome really- i was rocking my kilt, with a black shirt and waistcoat , silver tie, my leather wristband things and black nail polish i had left over from the pirate party!!
here's the link

man it was just good weird fun- the best kind. I even enjoyed the walk in the rain afterwards :p (not sure if thats such a good thing though :s )

on the monday night there was the annual architecture christmas celidh, which was also a fun affair, i wish i could've brought some of the prague doods to it haha! my pal luke was on fine form- he was the drunkest i've ever seen him, and he kept getting the school librarian up to dance, which was funny as...as a really funny thing. he later tried to steal the microphone off some guy, haha! after much swinging about a few of us went out to clubs afterwards however we all got split up cos of taxis and fowk not getting in, but anyway lots of good fun- i got home at 4am and got up to goto work at 7am, only slightly hungover ;)

also apparently me and a couple other doods seem to be starting a band!! its gonna be a "power trio"(i'll be playing bass and trying to scream in tune) and we're getting our first practise around the start of january! or so rumor has it anyway

suggestions for names would be good

so far i'm thinking- "douchebag theory" or "the short bus" - thanks to mandy for those ;)

ok- back to work i go ;)